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Consider Using Ecology Model Remedies for Petroleum Cleanups

Under the 2013 amendments to the Model toxics Control Act (“MTCA”), Chapter 70.105D RCW, Ecology was directed to establish and use model remedies for MTCA cleanups. The goal of such remedies is to reduce environmental consultant fees and time to get sites cleaned up.

Ecology recently released guidance that resents model remedies for the cleanup of petroleum- contaminated soil. The guidance also authorizes Ecology to waive its fees for cleanup oversight. Ecology states in the final guidance that as a matter of policy, Ecology will waive its fees for parties enrolled in the Voluntary Cleanup Program who meet the model remedy criteria in the guidance. The final version of “Model Remedies for Sites with Petroleum Contaminated Soils” became effective on September 1, 2015, and the document is now available at

Ecology is currently working on model remedies for cleanups involving petroleum-contaminated ground water, and the agency hopes to have draft guidance out this fall.

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